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Dr. James Wilson
Caro dell'Angelo
(The Wit and Wisdom of James Wilson)

Angelo Caro
Doctor On Call by A_Phale
Haunted Soul by A_Phale
James Love by A_Phale
Heart's Eye by Songstress, Text by A_Phale
Charmingly OOC by Kikidelivers

February 2008

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OOC - Withdrawal

Just an FYI that I've decided to go ahead and make it official and am withdrawing from Fandom High.

It's been fun folks, enjoy the story as it continues.


Office Hours - Tuesday 9:30am -12:00pm

Today was Tuesday and thusly it was office hour day.

Office Hours - Tuesday 9:30am -12:00pm

It was Tuesday!

That meant it was office hours day.

Office Hours 9:30am -12:00pm

The door was open!

Office Hours - 9:30am -12:00pm

A new semester a new set of office hours.

Well, okay they were pretty much the same as last semester. Wilson flipped on the coffee pot and headed for his desk. He had lesson plans to go over.

[ooc: It's office hours. There for the door and post are open.]

Office Hours - Tuesday 9:30am - 12:00pm

Wilson was in his office with the door open and the dual scents of hot chocolate and coffee in the air.

He was trying his hand at making a peppermint mocha.

Office Hours - Tuesday 9:30am - 12:00pm

Wilson was settled into his office working on ... absolutely nothing.

He was in fact, doing a crossword puzzle, with his feet up on the desk and a latte by his hand. Soft swing music played from his i!Pod and for the most part he looked fairly lazy at the moment.

Office Hours 9:30am - 12:00pm

Wilson was in his office today, leaning back in a chair and sipping at his coffee.

He had a far away look in his eyes but the door definitely stood open.

Office Hours

Wilson was in his office, working on something on his laptop. He looked fairly engrossed in his work, or perhaps he just looked like he wanted to be fairly engrossed in his work. It was hard to tell.

Office Hours Tuesday Later that Usual-ish

Wilson's office hours were a bit later than usual today and he didn't bother sitting behind his desk.

Instead, he was sprawled out on his couch, a cup of tea in his hand and a far away look in his eyes.

Office Hours - Tuesday 9:30am -12:00pm

Wilson was in his office, at his desk even working on his next journal article. His desk was piled high with large medical type books and he was fairly well engrossed in his subject but the door stood open and the welcoming smell of coffee wafted about the room.

50-A Minotaur Lane - Tuesday Morning

As a rule, Wilson wasn't used to waking up in his house on Tuesday mornings and he sighed a little as he woke to an annoyingly chilly bed.

"Bugger," he grumbled to himself as he wriggled out from under the covers.

Grabbng a quick shower, he dressed warmly and headed downstairs. First thing on the agenda was to get the woodstove in the study started up, second was to make himself a light breakfast of tea and a bagel and eventually the young doctor headed back down to the study to pass the day.

He had a book of Roman history to enjoy and plenty of quiet time to brood through enjoy.

Office Hours Tuesday 9:30am - 12:00pm

It was a universal rule that pumpkin spice lattes made everything better and if nothing was amiss, they made everything especially better.

Settling into his office with said latte and a pile of notes, Wilson opened his laptop and got down to working on a journal article.

The Apartment above the Devil's Nest, Late Monday Night

Wilson hadn't been surprised to find Musubi behind the bar and the lounge devoid of it's habitual piano player that evening.

He just had a hunch.

Picking up a bottle of merlot from the bar, he'd headed up the stairs to the apartment above the Nest, uncertain if it would be locked or not. Turned out the answer was not.

Smiling to himself, Wilson slipped on through and proceeded to apply himself to the task of offering proper recompense for Lucifer's time in the class that day.

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[ETA: NWS in the comments! ]

50-A Minotaur Lane - Early Thursday morning

Wilson woke up not quite himself.

It took him awhile to figure out just why the covers where hopelessly folded over his head and why he seemed supersentive to the touch of the cloth to his whiskers.

Real, whiskers .. not his usual morning stubble.

Simply being glad that Lucifer had ghosted off sometime before dawn and thus was not readily available -he hoped- to point and laugh, the doctor began to work his way up the bed towards the pillows. He did this by following the long lines of Phale's naked legs, scampering up along the angel's arm and finally surfacing from the blankets into the cool morning air.

Ah, better!


Scampering along the angel's shoulder, Wilson used his little mousie paws to scale the side of the angel's head and then balanced on his forehead, peering down into closed eyes.

Wakey, wakey ...

"Squeak, squeaksqueak!"

50-A Minotaur Lane - Wednesday Evening

Something Aziraphale had said the other day tickled Wilson's cooking urges and by the time he left the clinic that evening, he was a mortal on a mission.

Reaching out across the bond to the Lightbringer, Wilson lay out the invitation to Lucifer for the angel to come by for a home cooked meal and some relaxed companionship -and perhaps some more energetic companionship- for the evening and then he headed down to the food market to pick up the necessary ingredients for a nice dinner.

Simple pleasures of FallCollapse )

[ooc: For the harem members to stop by and enjoy!]

Office Hours 9:30am -12:00pm

After swinging by the Lounge and signing up to help chaperone at the dance, Wilson headed on down to his office, doughnut caught firmly in between his teeth.

Shouldering his way in through the door, he propped the door open and then set about starting a pot of coffee -a nice Blue Mountain Roast- and then turning his radio on low.

Settled behind the desk this week, he began to work on grading tests as he waited for a certain pair of teenage lunkheads troublemakers to swing by. Of course the door was open for anyone else who might wish to stop by as well.

Office Hours Tuesday 9:30am - 12:00pm

Wilson was in a good mood as he came up from town for his office hours.

Hmm, wonder why?

Setting his soft sided briefcase down on the desk, he started a pot of coffee and then made sure that orange spice tea was laid out for a certain Guardian and then he headed for his desk.

After a brief study of his desk chair, Wilson decided to set up camp on the nice soft sofa in his office.

Office House 9:30am - 12:00pm

Wilson was humming quite contentedly to himself as he made his way into his office that morning. It probably had a lot to do with the latte in his hand and the shirt that was a few sizes too large hanging from his slender frame.

Settling down behind his desk, he rolled the sleeves up 3/4s of the way up his forearms so that the fine fabric wouldn't risk an ink stain -he figured Lucifer would only be so tolerant with his clothes- and he settled down to work on some lesson plans while waiting for the other angel in his life to come pounce some tea.

[ooc: No OCD today but door and post are open for all!]

Office Hours Tuesday 9:30am - 12:00pm

Whistling as he headed into his office, Wilson first off set a pot of coffee to brewing and then went over to his desk.

In short order the office was filled with the scent of brewing coffee as the young doctor unpacked his briefcase but this time, instead of sitting down immediately, he headed back over to where the coffee pot sat and began to set up something he'd brought up with him.

A little hot water pot to be exact. Beside the little hot water pot, he laid out a fine collection of various orange spice teas. They were from all over the world of different tea types and brew lengths. They were for a certain angel type who liked orange spice tea.

Pleased, Wilson headed back to his desk and settled in to work on the crossword for a bit.

The Apartment above the Devil's Nest, Late Monday Night

After a dance down in the Nest, there had been little demure from the mortal when the angel moved them to a more private setting.

There were, after all, late evening activities to be enjoyed.

Work Safe, believe it or notCollapse )

[ooc: Preplayed with the ever fantastical dawn_bearer. NFI, OOC's welcome of course.]

50-A Minotaur Lane - Thursday Night - A quiet evening.

Neither Wilson nor Aziraphale had to work on Thursdays. They had made the most of this fact with a long lie in -among other things- in bed and then a lazy day spent around the house. There had been some work on lesson plans but otherwise it had just been a quiet day.

At some point Wilson had suggested that they invite Lucifer over for dinner and perhaps to join in on the quiet -and occasionally otherwise- evening. Aziraphale had agreed whole heartedly and so the mortal had made a handwavey call to the Lightbringer, while the Guardian went about investigating their wine cellar.

It had taken Wilson a little while to scrounge up just what ingredients he wanted for dinner and there had been a quick trip to the mainland involved but when all was said and done, by the time Lucifer arrived on their doorstep the doctor had pulled together what he felt was a tasty treat.

Since it was a beautiful night out and those would soon become scarce, Aziraphale had gone out in the garden and lit up the firepit table they had out in the garden.

While the angels started on the wine, Wilson began to walk their dinner from the kitchen out to the garden.

He started them all out on a very nice tomato salad for an opening dish. For their main course the two angels were given a stuffed rack of lamb for two with Roasted Corn on the Cob with Cilantro Lime Butter while the mortal had Pappardelle with Mixed Wild Mushrooms and some of the corn as well.

For dessert there were key lime torts to be shared with coffee and another bottle of the very nice pino grigio they had been enjoying since the first course.

All in all a very lazy evening to go with a very lazy day.

[ooc: Establishy. a_phale and dawn_bearer modded with permission.]

Office Hours 9:30am - 12:00pm

Wilson was carrying a box of stuff as he headed into his office and began to set up the space for another school year. Aziraphale had already helped him set up the furniture which included his desk, desk chair a comfortable couch and a couple comfortable sitting chairs as well as a small sideboard. A high end coffee maker sat on the sideboard and Wilson immediately set about starting a nice fresh Kona blend to brew as he finished nesting into his office.

There were some odds and ends to be added, as well as a few books and medical journals and finally in a place of honor at the front of his desk went a photo frame.

Satisfied, he settled down behind the desk and pulled out his laptop. He had some class scenarios to work on and maybe a journal article but the door stood open and inviting to any students or faculty who would like to stop by!

OOC - Been awhile since I had an Info Dump

It's been a few cycles since I've done an Info Dump for my boys so I thought I'd catch up. :)

Dr. James WilsonCollapse )

Neil PerryCollapse )

OOC - Tentative Syllabus for Keeping your Wits ...

Tentative Syllabus for Keeping your Wits About You, Fall 2007 FH ClassCollapse )

The Banks - Friday Morning [NFB]

Wilson was sitting out on the deck, enjoying the ocean breeze and the morning sun. He was shirtless, taking advantage of being expected to run around in nothing but bathing trunks most of the time, a cup of tea sat beside him along with a half finished bagel.

Long legs kicked up on the railing, Wilson cradled a legal pad in his lap, working on finishing up ideas for his classes for the Fall. Every so often he'd look out across the ocean with a pensive expression on his face and then turn his attention back to the pad, scribbling this note or that.

[ooc: Open to thems who are there ifn they wish!]

The Banks - Before Dawn Thursday Morning [NFB]

Strangely enough Wilson had woken not long after Lucifer had slipped from the bed to stand his morning vigil as dawn broke.

Sliding out as well, the mortal had gone to join the Lightbringer, sitting quietly up on the edge of the dune as he simply watched Lucifer down on the beach.

The pink warmth of sunlight had not yet broken the horizon of the sea but there was enough grey light that when Lucifer turned briefly towards the mortal and nodded as if in response to an unspoken question, Wilson could see the motion.

Closing his eyes, Wilson touched the ring on his finger as he reached out across the bond that tied him to his mate, calling out for Aziraphale to come and join them, while they enjoyed the remainder of the week.

[ooc: Establishy only. Wilson's harem modded with permission.]

The Banks - Wednesday Evening [NFB]

The sun was setting sound side but the sky hung heavy with brilliant golds and oranges that seemed to echo along the shades of blues and purples that hung over the ocean.

Dinner finished and kitchen cleaned up, Wilson had taken a glass of wine and headed out onto the deck to watch the night fall over the sea. A warm breeze came off the ocean, carrying the rich salty scent of the Atlantic and convinently chasing away most of the bugs that might have come out to bother him at night. The sea breeze tangled dark hair that seemed to have developed a mind of it's own over the past couple of days but Wilson didn't really care.

It was such a small thing after all.Collapse )

The Banks - Tuesday Evening - [NFB]

Making lots and lots of dribble castles was the way the better part of the day was spent, with no little finesse going into the building and sculpting on the castles until eventually the rise of the tide came to reclaim it's sand from the pair of builders.

At that point, Wilson headed back up to the house to clean off the sand and he said he was going to check on dinner options but strangely enough, a naughty mortal walked out of the outdoor shower under the house completely devoid of swim trunks. They were sandy, after all! If this so happened to result in their getting distracted and putting the large bed with the beautiful ocean view to good use for a bit of afternoon delight, well ... what was a vacation for?

Mmmm vacation naps!Collapse )

[ooc: Yep yep, pre-played with the delightful dawn_bearer NFB! :D]

Tuesday Late Morning at the Banks [NFB]

The good news? The mortal was so utterly exhausted that when that time of day rolled around when the Lightbringer tended to take himself from his bed to greet the dawn, Wilson didn't wake. Simply murmurring as he settled into Advesary scented pillows he remained slumbering, showing little sign of waking anytime soon.

Eventually there was a small thump as Wilson ran out of bed in his attempt to escape probing beams of sunlight and fell off the edge of the mattress. Falling out of bed, coupled with a shower worked together to wake the mortal up and he eventually toddled out to the mainroom wearing swim trunks and a loose fitting button down shirt. Since he was on vacation, he forwent the coffee pot in favor of a nice cup of morning tea and a bit of toast for his breakfast.

Cup and toast in hand, he headed out onto the balcony where he could lean on the railing and look out across the dune towards the ocean just beyond. He didn't immediately try to hunt up the Lightbringer, figuring Lucifer was around and perhaps about his own business for the moment.

Out on the shore, within sight of the balcony, Lucifer was standing just in the surf. Waves crashed up against his legs as he stood, eyes closed and hair blowing in the breeze. There was very little noise to give away the human inhabitants in the area so this was... almost perfect.

The devil, the doctor and the deep blue sea.Collapse )

[ooc: Once more, pre-played with the wonderful dawn_bearer! NFB and NFI but OOC chuckles are loved!]

To the Outer Banks - [NFB] - Late Monday Night

Once they had left the Nest Wilson lead Lucifer straight down to the causeway where the Aston sat, packed and ready to go.

Perhaps it was strange or perhaps it was welcome but Wilson was content to be silent on the drive. Settled into the leather seat, he drove at his usual insane rates of speed, leaving Lucifer to pick out any music he would like and to also attend to the pesky cops along the way. They were headed east, night falling across the rapidly moving car, swallowing them up in a blanket of late velvety summer warmth.

Wilson seemed to know exactly where he was going, though he gave no hints as he drove along. The silence was not oppressive, if anything it was merely thoughtful and companionable.

In which the devil and the doctor go to a barrier island.Collapse )

[ooc: Preplayed with the ever fabulous dawn_bearer. NFB, clams were total injured in the making of this most. At least, virtually.]

OOC - And so the Wishes End!


Hey there everybody! As of this evening, 9pmFHT, the wishes of the past few days will disappear.

I wanted to take a moment and thank my partners in crime, a_phale and dawn_bearer for running with this with me! I also wanted to thank wannabe_pan bound2blade and palestshadow for their creative and wonderful contributions.

In closing, a huge THANK YOU! to everybody who participated with cracky and wacky wishes! Some of the stuff you guys came up with had me in stitches and believe me when I say it was much needed laughter that I am most grateful for!

*Squeeze hugs all of Fandom yay!*

Everything Ends [NFB] 9PM FHT

The Final ActCollapse )

[ooc: Preplayed with the every wonderful dawn_bearer! NFB and NFI though OOC comments are love as this is the end game in our wish plot!]

Far Far Away [NFB]

What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?Collapse ) [ooc: The wish plot marches onwards! Preplayed with the marvelous dawn_bearer. NFB due to distance, NFI. OOC comments are always loved!]

The Lilim

In which the doctor becomes the devil's emissaryCollapse ) [ooc: Preplayed with, drumroll please! The delightful dawn_bearer. NFB and NFI. OOC comments will get the pie of their choice! With ice cream.]

The Devil's Nest - Friday

In which the Devil asks a favorCollapse )

[ooc: Preplayed with the every fantastigasmical dawn_bearer. Part of the wish plot, NFI for OOC comments are adored and often produce yummy pie!]

A Generic Biker Dive somewhere on the Mainland [NFB]

It was actually a pretty pleasant evening so Wilson had suggested they walk across the causeway off Fandom to the mainland. There wasn't much immediately on the other side but Wilson had passed by one joint often enough to figure it would be open, even on a weekday.

Set back from the road, it's parking lot was all gravel with no real designated parking spaces. That didn't seem to both most of the clintel, which was made up of bikers and some general good ole boys.

Holding the door for Anders, Wilson coughed as the wave of cigarette and cigar smoke hit them in the face like a physical punch.

"Damn, reminds me more and more of places I used to have to dig House out of," he muttered, waving aside the noxious clouds as he stepped in behind Anders.

"Bar or booth?"

[ooc: For person mentioned in said post. NFB due to being off Island.]

Unhappy Endings

It had perhaps been the longest week of James Wilson's life.

Unexpected had been the squeeze Tritter put on Wilson in an effort to get the oncologist to come clean with the truth about the forged perscriptions. First had been his bank accounts, all of them frozen solid, not an entirely comfortable condition given the fact that he was staying in a hotel. Next had been the impounding of his car. That had seriously pissed Wilson off, particularly given the heat wave gripping the nation at the time.

He was fairly certain he'd lost about 10lbs riding on the bus but even that didn't match up to when Wilson had gone to write a script for a patient he was consulting on, only to find his DEA license suspended.

And through it all, House had been ... House.Collapse )

[ooc: Establishy, NFB]

To Jersey without love!

Under Phale's guiding hand, Wilson had managed to get a bit of sleep in but he was up early the next morning.

Sharing a light breakfast with the Guardian and sending a quiet thought along the bond towards the Advesary, Wilson let Phale 'miracle' his bags down to the Aston Martin. There had already been enough of these seperations that he and Aziraphale were getting good at the quiet, heartfelt goodbyes, which they shared before Wilson headed down to the causeway to his car.

He'd called Dr. Troy and warned him that he'd be away for a bit so all that was left was to get up to Jersey and figure out what the hell House was playing at.

In short order, the Aston's tail lights were disappearing into the humid haze.

[ooc: Establishy only!]

A Hotel Room - Monday Evening

After finishing up his clinic shift, Wilson headed straight down to the carpark. Across the bond, back towards a certain Prince of Hell,
Wilson sent emotions of his regrets for missing their dance night along with a shy sort of affection before he stopped thinking about Lucifer
and got in the Aston Martin.

Reading off the directions he got from MapQuest, he headed across the causeway and north towards the VA/MD line where Tritter had taken a hotel
room and asked that Wilson meet him. It didn't take nearly long enough for Wilson to get from Fandom to the hotel, in fact the young doctor sort
of wished it could have taken longer but he firmly squashed that thought, remind himself that he'd talked to Death just a few months ago, surely
talking to an office of the law couldn't be much worse, right?

House_MD Season 3 spoilers past this point, do be warnedCollapse )

[ooc: That Wilson left the island and came back later is okay for broadcast, contents of the conversation NFB.]

50-A Minotaur Lane - Tuesday Morning

If you had to make a walk of shame -though really, he's an adult does that still count?- doing it in select pieces of one of your lover's $3000.00 hand tailored suits is definitely the way to do it.

Rather than try to piece together his own shredded clothing, Wilson had helped himself to Lucifer's wardrobe, picking out the pants of said suit and matching silk shirt. He'd even snitched the belt. The mortal had been forced to roll the pant cuffs a couple of times, as Lucifer stood taller than he did and he'd been amused at how the cuffs of the shift came down to his fingertips but otherwise, they weren't a bad fit.

Thusly dressed, Wilson made his way from the Nest back up to Minotaur, whistling quietly as he walked along and wondering if he thought pancakes? hard enough, if Aziraphale would pick up on it and indulge him.

On the Mainland - Late Monday night / Early Tuesday morning [NFB]

In the Parking Lot of The Spade -PG-13 ratingCollapse )

[ooc: NFB due to distance, cut due to discussion of adult relationships and slap and tickle. Preplayed with the ever delightful dawn_bearer.]

The Causeway - Monday Night

Wilson was restless and he was in a dark mood. It was a mood that had been growing, not all day, not even over the past week but probably for months now and like many wounds left to fester, it was coming to an ugly flash point.

He'd left a note for Aziraphale, taking ruthless advantage of the fact that the angel couldn't tell where he was at the moment and that Phale would also expect Wilson to go down to the Nest for his weekly dance.

But that wasn't the case.

There was a different dance on the menu for tonight and with a deep breath, Wilson pulled open the door and dropped into the low slung seat of his car. In short order, the Aston Martin's red taillights were disappearing in the darkness towards the mainland.

[ooc: Establishy only.]

50-A Minotaur Lane - Before dawn Saturday Morning

Wilson had spent most of his Friday off the island, down in Richmond doing normal doctor type stuff. He'd given a lecture down at the medical college and then consulted with a couple of long time colleagues and friends, having dinner with them before heading back to Fandom.

Needless to say, returning to an island that appeared to be slowly gathering dinosaurs had quickly jolted him out of his little taste of reality and he'd made his way smartly back home, least he become anyone's snack.

Of course, once home the -cough- sounds from abovestairs pointed to two individuals, of the divine persuasion, enjoying a vigerous evening's pleasures. Wilson had pondered going up and joining them but as a very large, dangerous looking shadow happened to flitter past on it's way towards the park, the mortal began to get the sinking feeling that his evening clinic shift coming up might not be the quietest.

Sighing, Wilson had divested himself of the knot in his tie and set himself up on the couch. HIMSELF above knew the thing was a damn sight more comfortable than that ugly yellow chair House had insisted on keeping in his office.

Sleep had been fitful at best and after the third time Wilson almost rolled himselff off the couch, he gave up on it entirely. It was pushing towards morning anyway and the thought of coffee brought a smile to his lips, so he headed towards the kitchen. Rather than turning on lights and risk waking the house ... which was a strange thought to have since the other two occupants didn't really sleep the doctor made his coffee and then retreated back into the living room to watch the night turn into day.

Silently making his way down the stairs, Lucifer made his way to the kitchen for a cup of tea before leaving. Or would have, had Wilson not been in the living room. Instead he simply raised an eyebrow at the doctor for being up so early. Or late, depending on your view of things.

The devil slips by on little fog feetCollapse )

[ooc: Preplayed with the fantastical dawn_bearer.]

The Apartment above the Devil's Nest, Late Monday Night

It was interesting, how time seemed to lose it's sense of meaning on the nights when Wilson stayed with Lucifer. Monday and as had become habit, Wilson had shared dinner with Aziraphale and then headed down to the Nest for a dance with Lucifer. It occasionally pricked at his conscious that perhaps he was pressing his luck, having come to Lucifer on Saturday and now again on Monday but it really hadn't caused him much pause. After all, it was truthfully what he wanted and if he had learned nothing else in these months with the Lightbringer, he'd learned to be truthful with him.

Even at the risk of his own pride.

In which a devil and a doctor get post cotial philosopicalCollapse )

[ooc: Preplayed with the ever wonderful dawn_bearer. Lucy's apartment modded with permission. That Wilson stayed with Lucy is fine to report, details of their conversation are NFB.]

50-A Minotaur Lane - Late LATE Sunday night.

They were home.

After a wonderful roadtrip that Wilson had found very enjoyable more for the sharing with both Aziraphale and Lucifer, they were home.

The car was parked, playful teasing had been exchanged, Wilson had already made his intentions to come down to the Nest for dancing well known and he and Aziraphale had headed back up to the Minotaur Lane. After doing some quick household chores that had been neglected over the weekend, Wilson had indulged in a bath and was now curled up in Phale's arm chair by the bedroom window.

He had a glass of one of the white wines they had picked up on their trip, dressed in his pajama bottoms and robe, he hadn't bothered with the lights as he sat and looked out across the way towards the Fandom Park.

[ooc: For ze fake mate!]

As dawn breaks - Early Saturday morning at a B&B

In which a doctor and the devil greet the dawn.Collapse )

[ooc: Preplayed with the talented and wonderful dawn_bearer. NFB due to distance same with interactions but OOC comments are love!]

OOC Just an FYI sorta thing

Not so much an availability thing as an FYI thing. :)

I've managed to break my foot. To be more precise I've managed to break my foot into little itty bitty pieces. What can I say, I have mad skillz.

Needless to say I can't move around that much so my current path is bedroom, computer, kitchen, rinse later repeat but I am taking some fairly heavy duty pain meds which tend to result in my curling up in a ball at unscheduled moments.

This should not affect my boys' participation in the game but I would ask specifically that if you have SL related needs for any of Wilson's clinic shifts to let me know in advance so I can plan to be here and ... not curled up in a ball dreaming of little pink elephants.

OOC - Notifications

I am getting zilch for notifications at this point. I'm trying to keep and eye on the two posts I have up but if I seem to miss something, please give me a nudge here.

Thank you.

A corner of the park - Friday Night

After Aziraphale had gotten home from the Book Haven they had spent a quiet day enjoying each other's company. There had been a nice nap in followed by a home cooked brunch and some afternoon movie watching with another nap thrown in for good measure.


Just because they could.

Dinner had been grilled and enjoyed out in the garden, a bottle of wine split between them and a plan laid out for what to do for summer flowers. Afterwards, Aziraphale had announced his intention to reorganize his library, muttering something about putting the books in order according to the number of Gs found in the first page.

Wilson had politely declined helping and said he was going for a walk in the park, to which Phale had insisted the young doctor not go down in the woods where so many attacks had occured and Wilson promised.

So the evening found Wilson stretched out on his back, in the grass not far from the bench. He had an arm under his head and bare toes dug into the earth, watching the stars above and simply letting his mind wander.

[ooc: Just in a small corner of the park, waiting for a certain Morningstar.]

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