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Caro dell'Angelo

(The Wit and Wisdom of James Wilson)

Dr. James Wilson
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Character Name: Dr. James E. Wilson
Age: 40
Fandom: House_MD - Wikipedia House_MD.
Email Address: Seregill at AOL dot Com
Voicemail Links:
Professional: 555-TIES.
Personal: 555-SNRK.
OOC: Anything OOC.
Living Arrangements: 50-A Minotaur Street. Living with Aziraphale [a_phale].

Courses Being Taught Fall Semester 2006:
Tuesdays Period 6 (2:00-2:50) - "The Best Medicine: Humor's Contribution to Our Well Being"
Thursdays Period 3 (10-10:50) - The Philosophy of Values: The parallels between the Medical and Magical Communities.

Course being taught Spring Semester 2007
Monday Period 4 (11:00am-11:50am): Syllabus and Class roster for Conflict Resolution.

Course being taught Fall Semester 2007
Monday Period 2: Syllabus and Class Roster for 'Keeping your Wits About you!'

Office Hours:
Tuesday: From 9:30am-12:00pm
By Appointment.

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Player AIM:FHJamesWilson
Player Time Zone:EST
Player Common Availability:Durning the day work access which is spotty but 9:30-6:30pm then back on more solidly in the evenings after 9:00pm till about 12:00am.

This is a role playing journal for use at fandomhigh and it's related game communities. It is not associated with the TV Series House, MD which is produced by Bad Hat productions. Nor is it associated with the actor Robert Sean Leonard.

Brief Character History: Doctor James Wilson was easily one of the leading oncologists on the East Coast with a reputation that spread as far as Europe. Head of Oncology in New Jersey’s prestigious Princeton-Plainsborough Teaching Hospital at the age of 39 he was a man used to living on the fast track.

Despite making it through the demise of two previous marriages relatively unscathed it was the events surrounding the divorce from his third wife Julie coupled with an unfortunate run on his professional services that have caused a minor burnout.

Minor in that while he did not walk away from medicine completely he did walk away from PP-TH. Giving up the prestige and recognition of his old life, Wilson followed his best friend, Dr. Gregory House to fandomhigh to help his old friend run the Clinic associated with the school.

While on the island of Fandom, Wilson learned to open his imagination to the reality of vampires, witches, aliens, life forms beyond his previous comprehension like demons and in particular, angels. Despite all these personal revelations, he remains at his core a dedication physician and a man with a wry, slightly snarky sense of humor but a genuinely kind somewhat vulnerable heart.

In Fandom he met the angel Aziraphale with whom he began an unlikely but extremely intense personal relationship. That relationship has survived and grown in the ensuing months, -years depending upon your timeline- and with the apparent blessing of Above he has been given the opportunity to stay with Aziraphale for some time to come.

When Aziraphale was "reassigned" Wilson went with him and learned what it was to be a partner to an angel. The ups and the downs, the dangers and the joys and his acceptance of this life has given him the ability to wear the angel's mark in the form of a ring on his left hand.
'Above' once again stepped in and influenced their lives. Wilson and Phale were separated and put upon two separate projects, divided by the Atlantic Ocean. Wilson went back to Princeton-Plainsborough Teaching Hospital and to his old position in Oncology.

While back at PP-TH the influences of 'Below' conspired to set Wilson up to make it look as if he had an affair with a patient named Grace. While Wilson worked feverishly to clear his name, his medical license was suspended. Through his own hard work he has managed to get the record cleared and the charges dropped, the truth won out over the lie but he is still waiting for the AMA to return his medical license. While waiting for this, his best friend, Gregory House has been shot and requested the use of Ketamine to potentially fix his chronic pain.

But 'Above' had plans once more and before House could wake up, Wilson found himself transported back to fandomhigh this time to be an instructor.

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